• Sudhanshu Suresh Prasad

This too will Pass

It has been difficult 90 days for our industry across the world. This duration and no business in sight has ruined a lot many. However this too will pass. We are bound to bounce back. We have seen worse difficult scenario than this and we will overcome this too.

I have been utilizing my time in learning new skills and will certainly tell you that this is still the best time to hone a new skill or work on the existing ones so that once the market is open , the time we have utilized in learning or honing the skill will come as an additional benefit to us.

In this lifetime this has been the first ever blog that I have ever written and I am making a promise to myself that there will be one every week from my end. The topic may vary. my expertise on those topics may vary. But I have asked myself to hone and develop this skill in me and hope I am able to do the same.

Till next time.. be happy, be safe :)

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